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Climate Change | How can you earn by protecting the planet?


Greetings to all my dearest earthlings, this article might sound a bit unusual to you guys, but without a good reason, I won’t break my Arduino tutorial streak. Now that I have your attention, you might have heard that according to the United Nations, we have 18 months left to reverse the damage that we’ve done to our planet and after that, it will be irreversible and we won’t be able to do anything about it. Now, you might be thinking why have I published this article as it is off-topic. Well, look around you and you’ll realize that some people don’t even believe that Climate Change is a real thing.

Trust me, this was the most beautiful planet in the observable universe, until we happened. We had only one planet and we screwed it up instantly and most of us don’t deserve it. It has always been my dream to make an impact in the world, and the fact that I’m unable to do anything to save my planet is killing me from inside. The future that I expected as a child included a united world, a free society, a world where people don’t kill each other because of religions, beliefs and money but yeah, you can say that I was a naive idiot. Additionally, there were flying cars and some real Ms. Universe contests with aliens and a lot more things too, but that goes a bit out of context. Anyways, we must understand that for even if a country wins a war, everyone including that country loses it, because in the end it won’t even matter because we all lose our resources.

If you’re an Avengers fan, you might have realized that Climate Change is even a bigger threat than Thanos, because he’d have wiped out half of the population, but about climate change, it can possibly wipe out our entire species and this is where fiction meets reality. We’re not doing enough for the planet, since we’re after money and after a couple of years, we’ll realize that we can’t drink, eat or breath money. Yeah, I get that money is a necessity in this big bad world, that’s why I’ve bought up this article so that you could earn, by saving the planet.

Alright, so here’s what you were probably waiting for and sorry for writing a whole essay on what I think is wrong with us. This is what you can do to help the planet, as well as earn some bucks:

  • Start an Eco-Friendly Company: If you’re a Gary Vee kind of person and want to be an entrepreneur, then you should start a company that would work on protecting the environment. You might have heard of a German startup company named as CityTree, which has installed 20 pollution-absorbing benches. Now that might sound like a very small number, but at least, they’re doing their part.
  • Become a Geoscientist: The term ‘Geoscientist’ might sound boring, but let me tell you that the job is more thrilling than you can think. It requires you to analyze about the Natural Resources, Earth’s composition and you’ll have to travel to different places for that.
  • Invest: Is Warren Buffet an inspiration for you? Go out in the open and look out for Green Companies that require funding. There is a huge potential for them going boom, as they will be required in the coming future.
  • Download and Install OhmConnect: OhmConnect is an app that can be connected to your utilities and the more your appliances are switched off, the more you earn. So basically, you’ll earn by saving energy.
  • There are many more career options available like Environmental Scientist, Environmental Lawyer, Advocate, Urban Farmer, Urban Planner, Hydrologist, etc.

Even if you’re not interested in taking up any of it as a career, there are different hobbies you can take up to fight climate change. I won’t be choosing any of those options either way, but I’ll be bringing out solutions to it using my skillset. If you love public speaking, you can easily take up Greta Thunberg as an inspiration and just speak out as an advocate for climate change. At last, you can do your own part by avoiding plastic and other non-Biodegradable components as much as possible. Simply use a refillable water bottle, instead of buying new PET bottles everytime you need to drink water. Carry your own mug to Starbucks, they’ll be more than happy to provide you coffee in that or just get a reusable mug.

We’ve got 7.8 billion people around the world, so why not use Overpopulation in a positive way and plant 2 trees every month? That’d mean 171.6 billion trees each year! You just have to do your part and plant 2 trees every month, that’s it. You can even use public transport, instead of owning a vehicle as it can reduce a lot of carbon emissions.

D’you know where’s the exact problem? I see a bunch of teenagers running around and speaking up to protect our planet, while most of the adults are just “cramming” out for money, not even believing that climate change is a real problem. These were just small things, which you can implement in your lifestyle and if everyone follows that, it can make a huge impact on the environment! If you want the corporations and the government to change, you’ll have to change yourself first and stop meat consumption, you’ll have to avoid plastics, and promote a vegan lifestyle.

Lastly, it is our sole responsibility to understand that there is no plan B, yet and even if there will be one, it won’t be as pleasant as our present one. There’s a lot more I could have written, but you already know your thang and what you can do for the planet.

Thanks for reading and share this article to raise awareness.

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