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Introduction to Arduino

Hello world, this is neeltron and I will be posting a whole series of tutorials based on Arduino, where I’ll be teaching you everything on a step by step basis and all that you’ll have to know before beginning the series is just some basic knowledge that includes software installation and that’s it, you can just start reading through my tutorials and you’ll be able to program an Arduino and build your own robots at the end of this series of articles.

In case you’re wondering about what an Arduino is, here’s the answer: 

Arduino is basically an open-source electronics platform, having easy-to-use hardware, which includes a development board (Arduino UNO is the most common development board out there). Arduino can make anyone call their project as “magic” because of its easy prototyping. When I first got my Arduino UNO, I had realized that this little circuit board has a wide range of possibilities and that’s quite an impeccable reason for it to go boom in the electronics market.

So before starting this series of articles, here’s what you’ll need as prerequisites for the first article:

I’ve provided you the affiliate links to those items, but you can get them from any electronics marketplace of your choice. Also, this series will be much more fun if you’re new to coding (or you don’t even know a bit of it). So basically, through these tutorials, you’ll get to learn about the basics of electronics and you’ll even have a good base in programming!

Stay tuned for a new article every 2-3 days and feel free to drop any questions in the comments. Do not hesitate to message me on any of the Social platforms. I’ll be glad to answer your questions one by one.

Happy tinkering!

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